The Antonio Floris farm company produces extra-virgin olive oil from bosana olives grown in our own groves, which are located in the countryside around Alghero, in the north-western part of Sardinia.

The company is still family-run, as it has been from the outset, and is more committed than ever to using ‘green’ cultivation techniques and eco-friendly fertilisers that have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

This approach has always made it possible to cultivate the sort of rich, healthy, genuine products that are becoming harder and harder to find. Given this challenging situation, we decided to focus exclusively on a series of simple, high-quality products that lie at the heart of the famously healthy Mediterranean diet.

The nature of the soil, proximity to the sea, exposure to sunlight and early harvesting practices combine to imbue Floris oil with high levels of polyphenols and of powerful natural antioxidants that help the body to combat cell ageing.

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